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How to compress photos on Mac iPhoto?

It is so simple! Yes, with only few clicks you can accomplish the task of compression of pictures on Mac iPhoto. Using your Mac iPhoto you can compress any picture file type at any moment with great ease. The process to compress Mac photos using Mac iPhoto takes a very little time and therefore it is the most appreciated technique. Mac iPhoto is built up with some unique features that helps in compressing pictures to any level without taking a long time. Now let us learn how to use iPhoto tool to compress different picture file types.

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  • Start the process by opening iPhoto window. Then open the pictures you want to compress on iPhoto. This can be done by simple drag and drop process.
  • After opening the photos on iPhoto, highlight them and then click on the email button at the far right of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you click on email, you will be given an option to choose and set a size for your Mac photos.
  • Among the four sizes which are small, medium, large and actual, you can select any one. But decide the size of the image deliberately by checking the estimated size of these images in the "Mail Photo" window.
  • Compress Photos Mac - Check the Estimated Size of Image

    Check the Estimated Size of Image

  • Once you are done with these steps, compose the message and send the compressed pictures to your friends or close ones.

How do I compress multiple JPEG images in Mac?

You can do so without spending even a single buck! Yes, it is not a joke of any kind. Any number of JPEG images can be compressed without you having to spend anything in return. To do so you just have to follow certain useful instructions which are as follows,

  • Every Mac desktop will have an option called "Finder". You need to choose this option on your Mac computer desktop screen.
  • Soon after choosing this option you will be given some more options. Then you will have to pick the "Go" option. After hitting this, you will find an option by name "Applications". Click on this as well.
  • After completing these steps the next thing that you are supposed to do is you have to double click on the "Preview" option. Once you hit this option, go to the "File" menu where you need to highlight the "Open" option. After highlighting this option a window will pop up from which you need to select the JPEG picture files so that you can compress them easily. Click "Open" once you finish off choosing the photo files.
  • After doing so now you need to go back to the File menu for selecting the "Save As" option. Next to Save As you must type the name for the new file. And then you need to choose the location where you want to store this file next to "Where".
  • Set the format of the picture files to JPEG. Then use the sliding quality bar to adjust the quality of the images. Do so in order to check out the size of these image files which differ at various quality levels. Finally hit the "Save" option and complete the process.

Want to know how to compress photo size on MacBook?

Just make use of your MacBook iPhoto to compress any photo file size. For emailing huge digital photos on your MacBook first you need to compress them using iPhoto. There is a detailed procedure to perform compression of photos on MacBook. Let us go through this procedure in detail

  • The one who wants to compress photo size on MacBook must open the iPhoto window first. Then he must choose the "File" option to go to the next step.
  • After choosing the File option now he should pick the option of "Export". Once he completes this step various sub options will appear from which he needs to choose the option of "File Export".
  • Compress Photos Mac - File Export Option

    File Export Option

  • Then he will be prompted to set the size of the file to Small. Once he sets the size of the file, the only thing he needs to do is, he has to choose the option of File / Compress to compress the exported file type and then mail the same file type.

An outstanding trick to compress photos for web in Mac:

If you are a Mac user who wants to upload few photos to web then you will definitely come across the problem of large file size while uploading. But no need to worry as there is an awesome trick after following which you will be able to upload any number of pictures to web. Just check out the steps below to get to know about this trick

  • First of all, open the iPhoto window in your Mac computer. Then drag and drop the photos you want to compress on this window. After this, click on the Share menu that you will see on the iPhoto window.
  • Then choose the "Export" option. Once you click on this you will come across many sub categories. Just set the picture file size to Small and also choose the correct format of the picture files.
  • Compress Photos Mac - Set File Format

    Set File Format

  • Export these compressed files to the webpage once you are done setting the size and the format. Then start uploading them to the web.

An efficient application to compress pictures on Mac computer:

If you are not comfortable with these manual steps to compress photos on Mac, you can use this Remo MORE application for the same. It is an efficient application to perform the compression operation in simple steps. It does not require any professional knowledge to minimize large-sized image file on Mac computer. Using this efficient application, you will be able to compress all types of images without losing its quality. Not only that, you can add and delete files to / from the existing compressed file any time using Remo MORE application. It can be used on all major versions of Mac OS including Lion, Leopard etc. The most important thing about MORE suite is it comes for free that means you can compress photos on Mac absolutely free without paying even a single rupee.

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Recent Updates:

Compress Photos for Email on Mac: Do you want to send photos via email?? But its image file size is a big issue? Don’t worry. Use REMO MORE and compress pictures for email on Mac within few moments of time. To know more on photo compression for email on Mac, click here: http://www.compressphotosmac.com/for-email.html

Simple steps to Compress Photos on Mac using Remo MORE:

Step 1: First, install this Remo MORE application on your Mac computer and launch it. Click on "Manage" option to open the main screen as shown below. Here, you have to select Compress option.

Compress Photos Mac - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: In this step, choose "Create New RZip File" option as shown in fig 2.

Compress Photos Mac - Create New RZip File

Fig 2: Create New RZip File

Step 3: Now, add the pictures that you want to compress using "Add Files" button and then click on "Compress" button.

Compress Photos Mac - Add Photos and Compress

Fig 3: Add Photos and Compress

Download Remo MORE Mac

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